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" Comments like these evoke a host of responses from parents of adolescents: anxiety, anger, detachment, despair.If we cannot draw on the example of Jesus to relate to our teenagers, then what good is our faith?In an important section, Peterson shows how parent-child "love" changes during adolescence.A new kind of love is needed since "the old loves are no longer adequate for the new reality" (p. Yet in losing the former kinds of love both parties frequently feel betrayed. Peterson knows what he's talking about, and he offers helpful advice. In addition to a wealth of positive, effective ways to deal with many of the problems and pains of growing up, this encouraging book offers an understanding of parent-adolescent relationships that will promote an atmosphere of communication, trust, frankness, forgiveness, love, and harmony in your home. I can't praise it highly enough." "I'll dress the way I want! Peterson presents adolescence as a time for parents to enjoy a deeper, richer relationship with their children and for both parents and young adults to grow spiritually.

I am reminded of this underlying anxiety when they, now in their primary school years, express disappointment in my decisions.

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