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12-Nov-2017 04:15

I started with The Last Survivors series by Susan Beth Pfeffer.

The first book is called Life As We Knew It & is actually semi famous.

I know a lot of gay guys get squeamish when it comes to the breeding activities of straight men & women, but not me.

I kinda love it, it’s sort of refreshing, besides (like with any book) you always put yourself in the leading characters place so it turns out to be gay sex anyway hahahaha.

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As you can tell from the minimal activity on here, I don’t really have as much time for this blog anymore.

I’m not saying I’ll never post again – of course I will!

, but what I mean is (as per my explanation in the previous blog) I don’t get a hell of a lot of free time these days, and even when I do, this blog is not at the top of my list of things to get done – or even on the list at all.

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I know I’ll never be able to stop guys messaging me on my profiles/pages asking when a new post will be, but that’s ok – I’m learning to just look past it.But unlike watching a movie – books take much longer to devour.Plus there are some weeks where I’ll read ¼ of a book & others where I’ll only read a single chapter. I’ve done rather well since the demise of my fave show last year, Desperate Housewives which closed the doors on Wisteria Lane after 8 years.There are 3 in the series, and she’s written a 4th book which is being published worldwide in September I think. I also started on the Fairwick Chronicles by Carol Goodman.

First book is called Incubus (although was republished as ‘The Demon Lover’ by Juliet Dark, only god knows why – I have the Incubus version) & it’s basically what you’d expect from a book with that title – a mix of gothic fantasy & eroticism.

Carol has also written a 3rd book called The Angel Stone which is being released in September. Also on my ‘to read’ list is Flood by Stephen Baxter, which also has a follow up book called Ark.