Ladder dating theory

26-Dec-2017 23:01

“Ladder Theory” has been affecting my dating life as well.

It seems like women throw me on the friend ladder before I can do anything about it. Girls seem to want to keep nice guys around as friends and go after the assholes. If you do get stuck on the friend ladder, though, there’s always the possibility of the “ladder jump,” or to put yourself into consideration for sex.

Allegedly, the higher up on someone's ladder you are the more likely you are to get laid. This surprised me at first, because I always thought I had only considered them friends. Tom and Jane start haging out and talking more and more.

Chances are that their relationships with men are no different, they just prey on them for something other than sexuality.

I can imagine how that conversation would go: Girl: Hey, so your friend is pretty cute.

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I can’t be friends with her because every time I see her, I want to sleep with her. Well, I could, but let’s face it; if you’re attempting a ladder jump, it’s not going to get any better than this.You can see that a lot of problems can be avoided though sadly not problem two by declaring as soon as possible to a girl that you will not be friends under any circumstances.It seems to me the facts and numbers are made up--or at least, aren't backed up by anything.You build up these high hopes and then you discover either one of two things: she has a boyfriend, or she just isn’t attracted to you. The best way to commit a successful ladder jump is to get to the top of the friend ladder and wait for her to break up with her boyfriend.

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The worst situation is when she isn’t attracted to you, but she is attracted to your friend and she wants you to set them up. And since she’s thrown me from the real ladder to the friend ladder, it makes it that much worse. However, I suggest you avoid being friends with a girl that you want to sleep with if you can. Daniel Chai is a pseudonymous male undergraduate student at MIT who writes a weekly column about sex and dating in college from a guy’s perspective.