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And yet he had no scientific credibility at all with respectable scholars; he was and is adored only by a band of deluded, though devoted, cultic disciples.In this brief review of the Standish brothers’ book, we offer two devastating examples of the hoaxes perpetrated by Ron Wyatt.However, ordinary scuba apparatus is designed to accommodate only a depth of approximately 125-130 feet.Beyond this more sophisticated equipment is required.This sparked Wyatt’s interest, and was the beginning of a long amateur career as a sensationalist pseudo-archaeologist.

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The problems associated with Wyatt’s alleged discoveries are astronomical — beyond one’s ability to calculate. Why was the evidence never brought forth for critical and scientific examination?

Then there is the issue of the “bones” — of both horses and men — that Wyatt reputedly found.

The 60-year-old was not present for the final day of his trial at Swansea Crown Court and it is thought he had taken himself to hospital, from where he later went missing.… continue reading »

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Then you finish with a brief open-ended “In my own words” section about yourself.… continue reading »

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