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You should not submit details about a private residence such as your own home as all of the charging location information submitted to Open Charge Map is shared publically and openly in a manner which is not appropriate for private residences (distribution of the information is not controlled or protected).

If you wish to share the charging at your home with members of the public you should check out other third party services which provide that functionality.

You can change the address, update the map marker position and add/edit the Equipment Details (including which Network Operator runs the equipment).Alternatively you can also add a comment to describe how you got on in detail.Whilst you can note errors in the information, edits are preferred if you know what changes should be made (see below).In the future we may use that information to help correct the equipment location.

Instead of commenting when you see information that's not accurate you can directly edit the listing yourself.

Map markers are coloured according to their "Level", which is a broad category used to group equipment by power levels.

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The paper found that 92% of these stations are positioned in sites that can cause errors of 1.8ºF (1ºC) or more.[79] [80] For example, some stations are located over asphalt (making them hotter at certain times), and others are located in partial shade (making them cooler at certain times).… continue reading »

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