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06-Sep-2017 04:09

Here are some of the most common apps, how they work and why you should be cautious if your teen is using these dating apps.

Tinder Classically the word “tinder” refers to some dried out flammable material that only takes a tiny spark before igniting into a roaring flame.

But do you know the names of some popular dating apps?Each user grades the photo’s attractiveness at face value and positive matches lead to conversations within the app and often leads to meeting face-to-face pretty quickly.Adult singles use the app while at concerts, sporting events, out shopping or even at home.Teens should not be using adult dating apps for any reason, and Blendr is no exception.

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Teens who expose their identity on these dating sites also give an indication of their daily locations to countless faceless strangers.

When two users are “Down” the app opens up communications and lets them go from there.