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When the December aguinaldo payment is calculated the wage cost upon which aguinaldo is based must include the value of the food and lodging supplied as well as cash wages.

To dismiss a domestic employee, no notice is necessary if they worked for less than 30 days. The cash equivalent of the notice period can be paid.

If an employee is dismissed because they are pregnant it is required that their wages be paid from the day of dismissal until the 8th month of pregnancy, then maternity benefits and damages for wrongful dismissal.

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The employer must pay 25% of the total salary amount, and an additional 9%, which is deducted from the employee's salary. You would be personally liable, and it could be very very expensive if there is an injury [Back] Costa Rica has a minimum wage scale revised and published every six months by the Ministerio de Trabajo.[Back] There are some special provisions governing live-in domestic employees.If an employer has a signed contract with a domestic employee offering less than the minimums proscribed by law, the contract is not valid.If an employee is injured and you do not have this insurance, you must pay all medical costs and are personally liable.

Many people are under the impression that if they employ an 'illegal', a person without legal residency or citizenship in Costa Rica, that they many ignore these laws. While an illegal may be less likely to file a complaint, it happens often enough that you should exercise good judgment here.[Back] is the Christmas bonus.Contents - Click to view Social Security Benefits Minimum Wage Vacations Holidays Personal Income Tax Insurance Termination Domestic Employees Aguinaldo Costa Rica has a large educated population, the vast majority of whom can read and write.