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Johnson was in the arms of a tall, handsome, strong looking BLACK man. She looked back up at the affectionate lovers in a daze. Johnson." A strong, vibrant black male who oozed romance and masculinity. They both turned to look out over the ocean, her teacher's back pressed up against her large black husband's chest. She imagined that the girls would be lovely and graceful like their mother, the boys strong and capable, like how their dad looked. He watched his nearly naked wife with extreme male hunger as she went to retrieve their special oils from the "sex cabinet", as Mandy would call it with a naughty glint in her eye. Reaching out with a slender, manicured hand, Mandy pulled open the drawer to reveal a number of small implements and bottles - various dildos, vibrators, lubes, and oils. Mandy gently lowered herself onto the bed on her knees between Jerome's wide open legs, feeling a slight draft sneak in the open spaces on her flirty robe. She looked over his powerful arms and stacked shoulders, his rock hard abs and perfect groin muscles. She was going to pleasure him in every way possible. She took in a deep breath, feeling a warm fuzziness fill her head. Ashley watched with a strange feeling of wanting as her eyes remained fixed on the couple. A long black cock sat half-hard over his thigh - getting harder. Thoughts of laying some black pipe deep into his wife's soft pink pussy made the tip of his cock explode with pleasure, bringing a heavy heft of breath to his lips. She reached up and gently teased her own nipple, biting her lip as she looked at her project for the next hour. She gently unscrewed the top of the jar, pulling it off with a pop as the smell of unidentifiable but pleasant oils and spices wafted up to her nose. They weren't sure how it worked, but it was amazing. Mandy had never seen Jerome holler as loud, pound as furiously, or cum as hard as he did when his cock and balls were lathered in the sex ointment. She was chilling by the beach, allowing the ambiance of wind and waves to caress her smooth young skin. Mandy Johnson, her English teacher from senior year of High School! Mandy flicked her hair back with a smile as she worked her fingers gently into his prodigious nuts, careful to lovingly rub the ointment into the crevices of every wrinkle. This elicited a huge moan from Jerome, unafraid to show his sheer sexual joy from bubbling forth.

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And Jenna got the distinct impression that Jenna and Darius were... She couldn't be sure, but there was a naughty glint in Jenna's eye whenever she looked at her boyfriend. Ash involuntarily imagined the two of them in bed, bodies sweaty and tired, making love to each other madly as Darius pile-drove Jenna's creamy white pussy into the mattress, every muscle on his hard black body rippling with male dominance as Jenna cried out helplessly - "victim" to an unstoppable onslaught of black cock. His physique was stacked with powerful muscles, and he seemed to have gained a lot of style.

She reached out softly and met his lips with hers, his large, plush black lips pressed up her delicate white lips. Her hips grew warm as she watched the beautiful 20-something teacher she looked up to make out affectionately with her strong black... They'd tried it a few times, and God DAMN did it seem to work.